March 23, 2023

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Photodrones News March 2023


Ballymore drone videos and still images

Sky pool Embassy Gardens, Photodrones has captured footage during both day and night at this development. This has created some major interest in the complete redevelopment vision for this unique Vauxhall US Embassy site.

Photodrones captures the new Embassy Gardens sky pool
Footage being captured using DJI M600 and Sony Full frame A7S3

Embassy Gardens night photography

Using our high resolution drones we are authorised by the CAA to fly to a maximum altitude of 800 feet. In central London and other congested areas.

Good Luck Hope development

Good luck hope Development at Trinity Buoy Wharf is a visual spectacle from the air.

Ballymore’s concept of always creating water around the living environment is epitomised and captured using the drone at night adds a bit of magic!

Good luck hope night drone video

Good Luck Hope looking towards the city at twilight

High Resolution video footage and stills.

Tom Scott Videos

Tom Scott is producing some excellent videos. These are both informative and very entertaining, Photodrones pilots have been capturing drone footage in central London locations using their 800 foot ceiling in congested areas for Tom, including the Thames Barrier video, the Royal Albert Hall and Tower Bridge.

Autel Dragonfish VTOL Training.

Earlier this year we have been training pilots to operate the Dragonfish VTOL drone in the Middle east.

This is one of the simplest, long-range vital aircraft in its class, and very easy to operate. It is capable of long-range missions for all sorts of surveying and mapping missions.

Autel Dragonfish simple set up.

Photodrones pilot training
The Dragonfish is an RTK and GPS controlled system, and can be set up and ready to operate within 20 minutes. with a 2 man or single operator. It can be flown in automated or manual mode

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world ……

Simon Niblett our chief pilot has been working away in some amazing remote and locations.

Big Tusker on the march in Kenya

The eagle Huntress Mongolia

BAFTA nominated movie

Simon Niblett was DOP and drone operator on this project. Operating in extreme conditions dealing with freezing temperatures and high altitudes.