Commercial photography requires the highest possible resolution drones to capture imagery used across many industries. Commercial photography in London also requires special permissions from the CAA and various ground permissions including Port of London authorities councils and airports. Photodrones organises all these permissions constantly, and has a good working relationship with all the major authorities.

The best drone for professional photography varies upon this specific project. We have a full range of drones to suit all different requirements.

DJI M600 Pro heavy lift machine for ultimate resolution photography and filming.

DJI inspire 2 to capture high-resolution film footage in row and produce medium quality Stills images.

DJI Mavic 3 to produce video footage and stills for industrial use.

Dji S 900 for 360 VR imagery and stills in high resolution.

DJI M210 RTK to produce high resolution stills and mapping in central London.

Photodrones has permissions to capture imagery up to 800 feet in central London down to 10 m from people ask for control.

Commercial Drone Photography London Cost varies upon each project but we are happy to discuss all projects individually and make an accurate quotation. All our pilots are highly experienced and capable of working under pressure in central London and other cities around the world.

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