June 8, 2024

4 Min.

Photodrones News June 2024


RNLI Event at London Sky-pool Embassy Gardens

Photodrones was commissioned by the RNLI to capture at Skypool, Embassy Gardens Vauxhall drone footage and stills for an RNLI event with Our CAA OA permissions. Our chosen team: Phil Conrad (drone co-ordinator) Tim Hubbard Photodrones OSC pilot

Ballymore Projects Developments:

Riverscape Ballymore Development

This is an ongoing project for Ballymore properties and requires constantly revisiting show the development in its best light utilising video and stills. The UAV drone is a very powerful storyteller within the context of these three dimensional spaces.

Cuba Street Ballymore Development

This is part of a panoramic series of images showing the Cuba Street developments views all captured by our drones.

Third I Commissioned us to produce drone footage and Time lapses to show The Doulton’s spectacular view over the Thames.

Drone in a box progress May 24

The Nexus plus is a drone in a box solution. Photodrones has been working in conjunction with 7 E communications to produce a drone in a box solution for various clients.

This is a very important step forward in the industry as this is the first step towards independent BVLOS (Beyond visual line of sight) UAV operation. At the moment, almost all UAV, drone operation is done with the pilot, having to have full view of the aircraft. With this system and connecting various different drones in boxes at other locations, we can create a seamless connection network of aircraft inspection with a streaming video and high resolution Images operation.

This drone in a box solution has now been updated to operate using various platforms which the client can meet their specific requirements most effectively.

This is a very important step in the direction of BVLOS allowing drones to be operated Beyond Visual line of site

The drone can be operated without the pilot present and will take off and land inside the box using the bar code to assist landing. The box is both waterproof and weatherproof.

Next newsletter will show full details and video of our operation using the latest software updated

for specific use case scenarios.