Established in 2004, Photodrones is the UK’s original Aerial Imaging Company. Photodrones holds unique and privileged permissions to fly to 800 feet in Central London and other worldwide cities, including the USA.

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Meet Phil & Simon

Simon Niblett and Phil Conrad have spent the last 15 years developing drone systems that align with their requirements for the highest resolution still images and footage. While technology continually improves, the very best acquisition techniques only come from years of trial and error. Photodrones’ team of camera operators and pilots are the beneficiaries of Simon and Phil’s pioneering days and hard won experience!

Exceptional Images

Photodrones is able to fly most camera systems available today. From 100 Megapixel Hasselblad to Phantom High Speed Moving Image cameras, we are able to provide the platforms and people to deliver the images you need.

You’re In Safe Hands

  • FAA & CAA approved pilots
  • FAA & CAA High Altitude & Night Operation licenses
  • 35 years experience photography & filming
  • Safety Case to operate down to a 10 metre radius of people in Central London
  • Full Public Liability insurance with £10 million cover
  • Over 2000 hours of flying with 100% safety record
  • Experience in over 30 countries worldwide

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