Photodrones Equipment available with crew or Dry Hire:

DJI Matrice 600 PRO

A six rotor Medium Lift Drone, able to carry Full Frame Sony A7R series and Hasselblad A6 Medium Format camera systems. It also carries lightweight movie cameras and has a great flight time and clever redundancy using multiple sensors.

DJI Inspire 2

Carrying the Super 35 sensor X7 or X5S camera, this is the movie drone of choice. Shooting RAW footage with superb dynamic range, the Inspire is fast and manoeuvrable and comes with a number of lenses.

DJI Matrice 210 RTK

Able to be flown with a variety of payloads, both above and below the airframe. It can even be operated with two different cameras simultaneously. Using Real Time Kinematics and a Base Station, it flies with extreme accuracy and can be used in almost any weather.

Freefly ALTA X

Together with the Movi Pro, this heavy lifter is the drone to use if you are needing to fly a Red, Arri Mini or even Phantom High Speed camera. We also use this drone for carrying lighting rigs, both constant and flash in case you are needing a bit of moonlight!

Coming soon...

Freefly Astro RTK

We think that this drone will become the PHOTODRONES workhorse. It will initially carry the Sony A7R IV 61 megapixel Full Frame Camera for stills, and the Sony FX3 Camera for film. The RTK will make it extremely safe to fly in congested areas and will work nicely with the Freefly Wave camera for over 400 FPS at 4K!